Bandar Lampung-style Banana Souvenir Transformation 2024

joko ireng
2 min readJan 14, 2024

Bandar Lampung-style Banana Souvenir Transformation

Transformation of banana pie and frozen fried bananas in Bandar Lampung

Not only chips, various types of processed bananas, such as banana pie and frozen fried bananas, can now be found in Bandar Lampung. Behind the transformation of processed bananas lies a feeling of love, innovation and pride.

Yussy Akmal’s cake and bread shop, located on Jalan Sudirman, Enggal District, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung, was visited by many visitors on Wednesday (15/2/2023) afternoon. Some shop visitors who come straight to the shelves containing banana pie souvenirs.

Rahayu (40), one of the buyers who stopped by the shop, took three boxes of banana pie to take to Jakarta. He also bought a box of banana molen as an addition.

“You can’t miss this souvenir because my family requests it every time I go to Bandar Lampung,” said Rahayu while paying her shopping bill at the cashier.

Every time he visits Bandar Lampung for work, he makes time to stop by a number of souvenir shops. He often buys banana pie as a favorite souvenir for his family.

“It tastes delicious and fits well on the tongue, there is a crunchy and soft sensation at the same time when eaten. “The sweetness is also just right,” he said.

Banana pie is a food made from crunchy pastry dough filled with plantain pieces and milk cream with various flavors, including chocolate, cheese and almond raisin. Banana pie is unique because it is made with a special banana-shaped mold so it looks beautiful.

Yussy Asih Faurini (47) is a figure who has been producing banana pie souvenirs since 2010. This cake and bread entrepreneur from Bandar Lampung City admitted that she was inspired to make banana pie because she saw bananas as an agricultural commodity that was abundant in Lampung.

“At first it was jealousy. I see that other regions already have superior products, such as molen and banana brownies. In fact, the bananas are from Lampung. “Every day, the best quality bananas from Lampung are transported out of the region,” said Yussy during a conversation at his home, Wednesday.

At that time, most of the bananas in Lampung were processed into chips of various flavors which were known as typical Lampung souvenirs. He also felt challenged to make other dishes made from bananas.

Before creating banana pie products, Yussy had experimented with making banana sticky layers. However, the product did not get enough market acceptance.

One day, he received a souvenir “Tokyo Banana Cake” from a friend who had returned from Japan. It was this unique cake shape that inspired Yussy to make banana pie.