EVOS Divine’s new roster is finally revealed!

joko ireng
2 min readJan 21, 2024

EVOS Divine’s new roster presents new colors, new powers at FFWS ID Spring 2024.

EVOS Divine’s new roster is finally revealed!

After some time ago, EVOS Divine carried out a roster overhaul with two players officially leaving, Abi “Bion” Faisal and Jafar “Javra” Shodyq, now the Tigers are welcoming new players for FFWS ID Spring 2024.

The failure experienced by EVOS Divine throughout 2023 was quite a blow to the mental and career of Manay’s team. Just being able to secure the Regular Season title in FFML Season 7 is not the expected target.

New hope comes with the new EVOS Divine roster. Welcoming the competitive season before our eyes, failure must be a trigger for revival.

No half-hearted, the strength of the wonderkids is presented in order to achieve better achievements with the new EVOS Divine roster.

Rasyah comeback, Reyyy and Geday join EVOS Divine’s new roster for FFWS ID Spring 2024

The first figure seen filling the new EVOS Divine roster is the return of Wonderkid Rasyah “Rasyah” Rasyid, where he has been absent for the Tigers for 2 seasons. It is hoped that Rasyah’s presence will provide more firepower this season.

Rasyah is known to have only played during the mid-season Free Fire Clash Squad event in mid-2023 where EVOS Divine did not perform optimally. Then, two new figures were seen appearing in the announcement video on the EVOS TV YouTube channel. He is Rayyandra “Reyyy” Eka and Irgi “Geday” Ramdani, two former ONIC and SES players who won the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series SEA 2023.

Meanwhile, Reyyy and Rasyah bring new strength to EVOS with the strength of two ‘Wonderkids’ in the competitive scene. The rest of the players will not have difficulty adapting to the new EVOS Divine roster this time.

With this change, the EVOS Divine roster:

Aji Apri “AimGod” Wicaksono
Akbar “AbaaaX” Mustafa
Irgi “Geday” Ramdani
Rayyandra “Reyyy” Eka
Rasyah “Rasyah” Rasyid
Ahmad Fadly “Afm” Masturoh — Trainer/Analyst
Rian “RR” Rahadian — Manager