META tank jungler Akai jungler is here

joko ireng
2 min readJan 22, 2024

Since the META tank jungler has been around for quite a long time, the use of the Akai jungler has experienced ups and downs in terms of popularity. After disappearing for a while, now the Panda Warrior is back as a priority.

This became even more evident in the MPL ID S12 playoffs, where Akai jungler was the main choice for almost all teams. Until the upper bracket match between ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha, this hero has been played 12 times out of a total of 17 games presented.

Even in the match between Geek Fam ID vs RRQ, jungler Akai was a bone of contention for both teams. RRQ played this hero three times, while Geek Fam played twice. This means that the Panda’s popularity is indeed on the rise.

This is certainly a new phenomenon, although this condition is also caused by Fredrinn who is often targeted for bans in the MPL ID S12 playoffs. However, this also shows that this hero is indeed part of the META jungler.

Regarding this, ONE Esports is interested in finding out about the causes of the current increase in popularity of Akai jungler among professional teams. Geek Fam ID jungler, Nnael, also revealed the main reason behind all this.

According to Nnael, this is more or less caused by the new emblem system which means Akai no longer has to use the jungle emblem when playing as a jungler. This turns out to be very influential, especially so that the hero can carry out his duties as a sustainable frontliner.

“In my opinion, Akai is again a priority in the jungle because of his ultimate. Apart from that… I’ll just reveal this… Akai used to use the jungle emblem, which made his blood (more) thinner. If he wears a tank emblem now, his blood will be thicker. “So you can tank better for the team,” said Nnael to ONE Esports.